Sunday, July 18, 2010

California and Snakes

I know the title sounds a little funny, but that is what I am sharing today.  I leave for California in the morning...San Francisco area for work.  I will be there for a few days and then head back home.  Who would think it is actually going to be 30 degrees cooler in California than Ohio...only in the summer!  I am leaving with excitement and fear.  I have not left Hope alone with anyone overnight.  I have been with her every single day of her life.  I know everything will be just fine when I am gone, but it is still hard to leave.  I am kind of excited about getting a full night of sleep, room service, seeing my wonderfully supportive co-workers, and just being away for a few days.  I will feel pampered being able to take a shower first thing in the morning.  I bought a few books to read and I am looking forward to the 5-hour flights to get caught up on reading.  I will be working too while I am gone and it will be nice to be able to work a full day without having to get kids ready to go to the sitter and then making sure they are picked up on time.

Now for the snakes.  We have a bit of property and it includes a nice pond.  We all love it here and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.  With that said...I hate some of the frequent visitors...mice, rats, skunks, and especially SNAKES.  I do NOT like snakes at all.  I don't much like mice, rats, or skunks either...but I really HATE snakes.  They are just too creepy for me.  Anyway...I have boys and that means I have had to learn to live with them bringing me 'pets'.  Usually it is a harmless frog, an injured bunny that the cats got, but didn't finish off...thank God!  Today, daddy found them a snake.  YUCK!  He also told them that the lovely snake does not bite, so they both decided it would be great to pick up and play with the snake.  My youngest carried that snake for what seemed like hours...but was probably a few minutes.  I finally made them put the snake back by the pond when they tried to let Hope play with it.    I know I shouldn't let them see my fears or they may become afraid of snakes, but I really do NOT like them at all.

Here is a boy (my youngest), a dog, and a snake.  He is returning the snake to the pond...after mommy nicely asked that they remove the NOW! 

Just thought I would share that with everyone.  I know the pictures are funny and I hope you enjoy them.  I honestly didn't enjoy taking them all that much.


  1. Great pics. Boys will be boys! Enjoy your trip!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE the photos. I HATE snakes too and I would have probably fainted if Julian brought one to me, lol. I wished I lived closer to San Francisco so we could meet up. One day, one day I am sure we will. I bet it is difficult to leave the kids behind but it is much needed break. I hope you get to enjoy yourself. Be safe.

  3. The last picture is my favorite!