Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swimming and the Fair

Hope swam for the first time last weekend.  It was my nephew, Dominic's Birthday and we all went over there for a great party that included eating, swimming, and family.  Hope loves to spend time with her family and loved being in the pool with her brothers.

This weekend we went to the Medina County Fair...another first for Hope.  She loved the animals and watching the rides.  She spent the day in the stroller with Paul...he was afraid of the rides (even though he went on all of them last year).  Jerry got to spend a lot of time with Destiny because she was the only one that would ride with him.  He even got to go on the big rides.

Hope is doing a modified crawl and I can't seem to get a good picture of it.  It is really cute and she can get all over the house pretty quick.  She is also clapping like crazy and loves it.  All of these things that we took for granted have shown us how to slow down and appreciate every little thing that happens every single day.  So many small and wonderful things happen every day and slowing down and enjoying them has been the best thing we have ever done and we hope everyone will do the same!