Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Heart Walk and Birthday Party

This weekend was just plain crazy.  I was the co-chair for the Northern Ohio Congenital Heart Walk...benefiting The Children's Heart Foundation and the Adult Congenital Heart Association.  This year was the 1st year for the Walk...and definitely NOT the last year.  It was an amazing day with many wonderful families.  I cannot thank everyone that came out and walked enough...it was the best day.  We had over 20 teams and around 300 people all walking for congenital heart defect awareness.  Every single person there represented the many people that are affected by someone with a congenital heart defect.  Our goal for the Walk was $10,000...we raised almost $40,000...totally blowing our goal out of the water.  This was all thanks to the many families and friends that raised money, awareness, and support.

Here are some pictures of our amazing day:

Our MANY walkers raising awareness for CHDs
Jerry and Hope with Dora
The Heart Garden...for our survivors and the angels watching over them.
Sunday was another big day at our house.  We celebrated Hope's 2nd Birthday.  It was an amazing day with family and friends and a whole lot of fun.  Food was all ordered because I did not have the time or energy to make anything, but it was good food.  Hope got her first tricycle...of course she doesn't reach the pedals.  She also got a lot of clothes which is always good around here.  She is sure to wear them because it takes her a long time to grow out of everything.  This means she wears out all of her clothes before she moves into the next size.  She wears anything and everything we get from family and friends.  We never have clothes that were not worn...so different than the boys. 

Here are some pictures from the big day:

Her beautiful hair was styled by her Aunt Danielle...I really need to learn how to do her hair...she is so darn cute when it is done!
She will be able to ride it someday...hopefully soon!
My little princess!


  1. WOW!! GREAT job on the walk!! That's amazing!! :) :)
    And Happy Happy 2nd Birthday little Hope!! :)

  2. Amazing job on the walk! Happy 2nd birthday Hope!!!

  3. It was a beautiful weekend for a walk and a party for a princess!
    Thanks for the blankets for Cuddles from the Heart, too!