Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight Issues...Still we thought we rounded this corner and I still think we have, but I guess we didn't round it fast enough.  The crappy August 1st appointment where Hope was 17pounds 5 ounces is where I prefer to start.  She was then weighed in Medina on the 17th and it showed a loss (of course I didn't document the weight...pooh).  Anyway, today she weighed in at 19 pounds 4 ounces and that is after a big poop this morning and after she decided to throw up breakfast all over the nice guy that was weighing her in.  I think she is so used to seeing Dr. Preminger and the girl nurses that she got nervous around the male nurse (or maybe she is getting a little stomach virus...really hoping that is not the case).  I think that is AWESOME!!!  I am so proud of my little girl.  She is eating like a champ (drinking a whole lot more than actually eating...which is OK).

Now for the disappointment...we have to head downtown for a weight check and echo on Friday.  They (her regular cardiologist and dietitian) did not feel her weight gain was going as well as they hoped (I don't really know what they expected and I will be damn sure to find out on Friday).  I know it slowed down, but once we realized it was not just a fluke, we increased her intake.  Of course, I think it was too late for them and instead of giving me and Hope a chance, they jumped the gun (this is my opinion, but I will be sharing it with them on Friday). 

I know Hope has problems gaining weight and she really needs to get some additional weight on for the winter (as a reserve in case she catches something).  I also know she needs to pack on the pounds (literally) to be in the best shape possible for the Glenn.  But, as I am looking at it...she has gained almost 2 pounds in 2 months...that is HUGE for her.  She only gained 1 pound in almost a year...ughhh!!!  I think I am afraid of what they will find on Friday, but I am hopeful it will be a good appointment with little attitude from my little peanut.  She is notorious for being difficult and I would like to see that change...someday.

For now, I am off to see if she wants something else to eat.  We keep food all over the house and let her graze through the day...I think it is working and I plan to loudly disagree with her cardiologist on Friday...wish me luck and patience!


  1. Wishing you good luck and patience! And hoping the doctors listen to you. 2 pounds in 2 months is amazing! I would be jumping through the roof if Izzy did that and since Hope had only gained a pound in a year, that is crazy improvement. I'm with you totally!

    Sending heart hugs!

  2. Keep us posted on how Friday goes. I think 2lbs in 2 months is amazing!

  3. 2 lbs in 2 months is awesome! Praying for a good appointment Friday!

  4. As has been said 2lbs in 2 months is fantastic... most toddlers are down to gaining 2-5lbs in a year!

    Stand your ground mama!

  5. Over 19 pounds and over 2 lbs weight gain! Holy Cow! You celebrate that! I KNOW it was hard work!

    Will be thinking about you on Friday and will be looking for the update.

    Best Wishes