Wednesday, November 30, 2011

9.40 - Another Gain

I am happy to report that Hope has gained more weight.  I plan to document it every two weeks because then I remember this time and Hope will see how great she did when she gets old.  For anyone that does not do kilograms (haha...I know my heart friends all know about kilograms), Hope weighs 20 pounds 11.57 ounces.  Two weeks ago she weighed 9.15 kilos or 20 pounds 2.75 ounces.  That is a great weight gain!
A lot of the kids playing with legos on Thanksgiving.  There are a whole lot more kids in the family.

We had a great Thanksgiving this year and enjoyed spending time with family.  We made dinner at our house that included a Tur-Duc-Hen...which is a de-boned chicken stuffed in a de-boned duck stuffed in a de-boned turkey.  It was our first year trying it and it was really good.  I got it from The Cajun Grocer and they do a great job of creating and stuffing it.  We also had a turkey and a ham...for our less daring relatives.  Everyone brought great food for sharing and we were all stuffed at the end of the night.
My Grandma (87) and Hope.
Swimming at the hotel (a rare picture of myself)

Jerry had to work on Friday and when he got off work we all packed into the car for a long drive to Kentucky to see my dad and his family.  My grandparents are 92 and 87 and they have never met Hope.  I wanted them to meet her, but I sure did not enjoy the drive.  Over 8 hours each way with 4 kids in the car is NOT fun.  I really tried, but about the millionth time I was asked if we were there yet...ughhh...I had reached my limit.  Oh's not like we do it all the time.  It was the first real trip we have made since Hope was born, so I guess I can go another 2 years before we make another long trip.


  1. Hope's got some cheeks on her! Awww so cute. Congrats Mama, I know this has been a long uphill battle for you, but just when you were losing steam, that little miracle of yours showed her spunk yet again. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay for weight gain!!! Praying she keeps it up!

  3. I just love this update, she is growing up so nicely.

  4. Yea Hope!! Keep up the good work! :) :)

  5. If only I had to convert grams to kilograms to tell people about the amount of weight gained it'd be so much easier. I'm sure there is an app for it. I bet you can do the calculation in your head by now.

    That is great to hear about hope, and great to have a rare sexy picture =). Thanks for all of your positive thoughts and encouragement for Olivia. I look forward to the day my Olivia is as cute and big and having fun like Hope! You and Hope give us hope!

  6. Yay!! Well done Hope on your fantastic weight gain, long may it continue :O) Xxx