Thursday, May 31, 2012

11.2 - Almost There

Dora is her favorite!
I really thought when I saw the scale move past the 11 kilo mark that surely Hope hit 25 pounds.  I can't do the math...I have to actually check a handy website to get the conversion.  It is 24 pounds 11 ounces...almost 25 pounds!  Woohoo...I am so excited.  Even though I really wanted it to be 25 pounds, it is so wonderful to see her move up in kilos.  She is actually eating a lot more food and drinking less of her pediasure.  I can't wait until she doesn't have to drink her high-calorie pedisure anymore.  I don't know when that will happen, but it is exciting to think about.

A few other updates.  Hope will be starting preschool in the fall.  She is on an IEP for Other Health Issues and will be getting additional physical therapy and speech therapy support.  I was actually kind of surprised in the IEP meeting because I really thought the speech therapist would want to spend more time with her.  She talks, but mainly to me and close family.  I guess she opened up to the speech therapist when they were doing her evaluation.  The speech therapist actually thinks that she is right at age level with her speech.  Now, I was more surprised with the physical therapist, although I don't know why.  I guess I just don't think about her physical limitations that often.  She walks slow, but she does have really short legs.  She doesn't run much, but I have never worried about that because I am always happy when she isn't burning calories (see how crazy my life can be).  Based on the physical therapist evaluation, she will be spending a lot of time with her.  They will be getting a pulse ox machine and will not push her too hard. 

Finally...the last update.  We will be walking again this year at the Congenital Heart Walk.  It will be October 6th at Wade Oval.  We would love any friends and/or family to come and join us.  You can register and join our team (Hope's Heart Heroes) at the following website:


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