Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

I have always loved Easter.  It has been about the Easter bunny, candy, food, and family.  We didn't grow up with strict religious views and faith is something I have relied upon through silent prayer and asking for forgiveness.  While we will not be attending church on Easter morning, we will pray and we will remember that Easter is the day Jesus rose after dying on the cross for our sins.  My kids will still get their Easter baskets, we will all eat way too much food, and we will spend the day with friends and family at the hospital.  This is the first holiday we have ever spent with Hope in the hospital.  4 and 1/2 years with a girl with 1/2 a heart and we have been so lucky.  We have friends that have spent most of their holidays in the hospital and I have always said a prayer for them to enjoy the holidays and remember their real meaning (sometimes not even remembering it myself).  I think about the families that will be celebrating without a special person in their life and pray they will find some joy in the day.  I think about some very close families that will be celebrating this holiday after losing their it the first holiday without him/her or several years later. My heart breaks for those families most of all.  I will be praying for them and praying for the family that will make the ultimate gift of life to give Hope a chance to grow up.

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