Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 Months, Happy Heart Day, and Happy Valentines Day

So much to celebrate today!  Hope turned 5 months old and is the cutest little thing.  She is growing up so much every single day.  She has the cutest smile and loves to show it off to everyone.  She is teething and I am fully expecting one or two to pop through in the next month.  She has started 'talking' and I truly think that when she masters words, she will never stop talking.  She can carry on a 'conversation' for what seems like hours at a time. 

We have been trying to bring as much awareness as possible to CHDs this week and I am hoping at least one person has learned more about how common they are and the affect that have on so many families.  I wish there were more I could do and I know that I will be doing more next year. 

We have moved Hope up to a higher calorie formula this week.  She has not been gaining as much as the doctors would like, so they have increased her calories to 30.  This means that she get more vegetable oil mixed with her water and formula...sounds gross to me, but she seems to be doing fine.  She was on a different kind of oil and I just can't believe that vegetable oil is real healthy, but we were told that it can pack on the calories and she really needs that right now.  If she would sleep a little more, she would probably gain some much needed weight.  But...nope...she likes to be awake and playing during the day.  She will take a couple of 1 hour naps, but nothing more.  She is sleeping through the night and has been for a while, so that is wonderful.  The naps would help her gain weight, but I can't seem to get myself to force her during the day.  Hopefully the increase in calories will get some weight on her.

Not much new has been happening....her cath is scheduled for the 25th and the closer it gets, the more nervous we get.  Please continue praying for all the heart babies that are home, at the hospital, or in heaven. 

I wanted to include some pictures of the boys as well as the beautiful trees that were dipped in ice...they are magnificent!


  1. Happy 5 Months Hope!

    I have never heard of adding oil to their formula for weight gain. For Logan to have the higher calorie formula they had us mix it at a higher concentration to make the extra calories.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. The extra oil sounds weird but whatever that little one gain weight right? I hope she does well and continues to grow so that there is no problems. My family and I have Hope and your family in our prayers always. She looks adorable in that little dress. Your pictures look wonderful, right now we are having 80 degree weather so seeing those pictures reminds me we are still in winter right? Take care!

  3. We have an MRI on the 23rd. And any proceedure is super scary. Hope all goes well and we will check back to see how things are going. The pics of Hope are so cute!!!

  4. 來幫你衝一下人氣,幫你推推推..............................

  5. Your daughter is beautiful and she is in my prayers. God Bless.

  6. Good she ADORABLE!!! Such a blessing. We are praying for you all this week. XOXO Annamarie

  7. hi,i am destiny's best friend and she has kept me updated with all your daughters surgerys.i just wanted to say she is soooooooooooooo adorable from the pictures she has showed me and the ones on this website.GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SURGERY SWEETHEART!!!!!