Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Change of Plans

So, we were all set to go tomorrow for Hope's heart catheterization. We had the bags ready, no sleep, the boys were taken care of, and we were as prepared as possible. Then we got a call from Dr. Prieto's secretary. Travis called and said that Dr. Prieto had an emergency come up and has a catheterization on another little baby tomorrow and it is an emergency situation. I guess it is kind of good that Hope is not considered an emergency, but I was kind of hoping to get it done and over with. Now, I will have to spend another nerve-racked day tomorrow thinking about the catheterization. She will have to have IV fluids because of her kidney problems and I am not looking forward to that either. I am actually not looking forward to any of it. So, I ask that you keep us in your prayers on Friday...extra prayers if possible. I would also like some additional prayers that Hope does good enough that she can come home Friday night, rather than us having to spend the night in the hospital. Weekends are never good at the hospital and I am sure it will take forever to get discharged on a takes long enough during the week.

I will update on Friday to let everyone know how Hope is doing.

Thank you for checking in on us and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. We were set for an MRI and got delayed till March 3. It's frustrating to keep her healthy for three weeks, a feat we thought was not possible, to being delayed a week. We will keep you guys in our prayers.

    Becca-Ellie's mom

  2. It makes it extra hard when you have been anticipating something and then when the day comes you are almost relieved it is finally here, but then it gets bumped forcing you to wait some more. Hang in there!!

    Saying many prayers for all of you!


  3. Ugh... I know how you feel. Aly's first surgery kept getting delayed due to emergency situations. While you can't help but say a quick prayer of thanks that you are NOT an emergency situation, it's not fun to have to prolong any of this.:( You get yourself emotionally prepared and then it gets pushed back. yuck. Sending prayers and heart hugs your way!!

  4. Oh no... Well for some reason it was meant to work out this way. Will keep Hope in my prayers tomorrow. Take care. Angie Montgomery

  5. Ugh. Well, it's good they were able to reschedule you so quickly. I will be thinking of you on Friday!

  6. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about all of you, especially Hope. Since Olivia is still growing to be a chub and Chase's cath went well today, I think it's only a sign of good things to come for Hope tomorrow!

    Good luck!

  7. I am so sorry.I now it must be so hard for you and you will be in my prayers.Hope is such a strong little girl.Hold on tight.