Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Paul

My littlest man is turning 2 years old today!  We thought he was going to be our last and then our miracle was conceived...unexpectedly, but a blessing nonetheless.  Paul is a rough and tough little guy.  He is what I consider a boys boy.  He is solid muscle and loves to run and wrestle and climb all over the place.  He is also very much a mommy's boy.  He loves to hug and cuddle with me all the time.  He tells me "I wub you" all the time and doesn't mind all the hugs and kisses I like to give him.  He also happens to be my middle child and we have that special bond in common.  I know there are a lot of theories on how rough middle children are to raise, but I loved being a middle child.  Paul gets some extra attention because I want him to feel and know that he is as special as Jerry and Hope.  I love all my children the same and they are all special in their own ways.


  1. Happy Birthday Paul!!!
    Paula he is so big, I thought he was older for some reason. Julian is tiny compared to him, lol. Please give him ((HUGS)) and kisses from me.

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