Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer and another tooth

This is a picture of my beautiful daughters...Destiny may not genetically be mine, but I love her like she is!

Summer is the best season in Ohio...without question!  My family loves to be outside and summer gives us all the opportunities to be outside as much as possible.  Hope fits right in with the boys and loves the outdoors just as much.  I truly believe she would get up and run around with them if only she could.  She is definitely trying and can stand up when I am holding her is actually kind of funny seeing her like this.  She is so tiny and when she tries to stand she looks like a little doll.  What's really funny is when we go to a restaurant and put her in a highchair with food.  People stare and comment all the time.  She really does still look like she is a couple months old and she will be 9 months next week.

The boys love to hang out with Hope!

Hope's second bottom tooth also broke through this week.  It is driving her crazy, but it is helping her eat more food.  She loves to eat just about everything and she loves to eat whatever we are eating.  She especially loves mashed potatoes and gravy, cheese puffs, and gogurt.  We can't seem to find much baby food that she likes, but we do try.

Hope has also recently started growling.  The boys do this all the time and Hope just started.  It is the cutest thing when the boys growl at her (think of a dinosaur growl) and then Hope will growl back at them.  She is still babbling like crazy and like everyone is the favorite word around here.