Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Look Mom...No Hands

That's right...she is happily showing off not holding onto the furniture.  My little girl can move around furniture like it is nothing, but this week she has decided to let go.  Not for long and she won't move, but she is letting go.  It makes me so happy...and yet scared as well.  Letting go means almost walking which means eventually she will be free to move around the house...just like the boys.  Independence for my little girl means giving up the control of her surroundings...something I fully admit that I am not good at giving up.  I know...the boys walk and are free through the house.  They get into stuff all the time.  I don't know why Hope doing it is making me so nervous, but it really is scary for me.  She has been my little baby for so long...longer than my boys.  Her being so small also makes a difference...she looks like she is 6 months old.
I will post before Christmas, but I wanted to share the news today!