Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year

Yes...I am reusing our Christmas picture.  I love it and we really haven't had a chance to get pictures taken this year.

I wanted to share this great poem from Stephanie.  She is the BEST and can express feelings so much better than I.

Twas the night that you joined us, all eyes were on earth
Waiting with joy, for our sweet child's birth.
The angel's stood ready, for each need and care
But all of them knew that the Lord would be there.

And I did my breathing and daddy was scared
We waited and wondered and hoped we'd prepared.
We knew you were special but so very sick
Yet hope had grown in me with every kick.

Soon it was your time, into this world you came
I heard a soft cry,then I called out your name.
And doctors and surgeons and nurses on call
I looked down upon you, so fragile and small.

And God took your hands while angels stood by
Since I could not hold you they hushed your soft cries.
One small angel looked to the father and smiled
"Can you truly teach hope through such a small child"?

An infant so helpless a baby so new
"Oh please tell me Lord, is this what you will do"?
God looked from the angel to the baby's sweet face
"Through her my young charge, they will learn about grace".

I penned this child's journey quite a long time ago
And through her great courage such true love will grow".
Every hair on her head has been numbered you see.."
It's my hope that through her, they will learn to see me.

Oh my little one with a special heart
Great love will see you through
See look that is your family
They've waited so long for you.

I send you to their waiting arms
For a time we'll be apart
But I'll always be with you
For I live within your heart.

And so we held you in our arms
And we thanked our Lord above
We see in you the miracle
Of His undying love.

So when it's Christmas morning
And I watch my children play
I'll need no great reminders
For I see my gifts each day.

~Stephanie Husted
mom to Braeden, age 6, HLHS


  1. Merry Christmas to you Paula and your beautiful family! I have read Stephanie's poem about 20 times in the last day or two and it gets me every time. She's such an amazing writer!

  2. Merry Christmas!!

    Love the poem...Stephanie is SO good! I can't read any of her poems with a dry eye!

  3. Thank you for following our blog. We are so happy to see how well your daughter is doing! :)