Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye 2010...Hello 2011

We are ending 2010 with so many blessings and feel so good going into 2011.  2010 has shown us the strength of family and friends...old and new.  It was a year of growth and learning.  There were ups and downs...just like every year, but we got through each of them appreciating the ups and weathering the downs. 

I have used my blog to keep everyone updated on the happenings in our family...especially with Hope.  I plan to keep it up and share more of our lives in 2011.  As a family, we have resolved to spend more time with each other and get healthy.  We have put off our own health for so long and this is the year to regain it and hopefully the hubby and I can lose some weight we have gained over the years. 

We hope everyone has a happy, prosperous, healthy New Year!  Here's to 2011...may it bring you all your hopes and dreams.


  1. Wishing you all the best in 2011, Happy New Year!!! ((HUGS)).

  2. Hello. So great to find another blog about an HLHS warrior! :) Yes, Caleb had a small part of his chrom. 15 duplicated, and I carry the same duplication. After genetic testing, we learned that it has nothing to do with his heart defects. Thanks for writing to me. Lots of heart hugs to you and your family. ♥

  3. Haha, just what you need more toys!!! That little dress is so cute on Hope. I want to see her walking so bad. Please get the family healthy so you can come visit with her. last thing, why does blogger make it so dang hard to post a comment?

  4. Oh and I did find a plug in for wordpress that imports blogger posts over....if you ever want to come to the otherside....

  5. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for checking out my blog! I look forward to reading about Hope's progress!