Friday, April 15, 2011

Bioartificial Organs

This may be Hope's future.  I am praying every day for advances in medical technology.  I just don't think that the medical community has worked hard enough to figure out a way to keep human organs from rejecting when transplanted.  That's why I am embracing the new technologies so much.  You have to read this article from the Cleveland Clinic (our hometown hospital) on the Artificial Kidney that has already gone through Phase I and II clinical trials.  I know human trials are coming and then it will be several years before they try it on kids, but amazing.  Hope's nephrologist told me about this study yesterday and I had to do some research on it today. 

And at the University of Michigan, H. David Humes has created an artificial kidney from cells seeded onto a synthetic scaffold. The cell-phone-size kidney has passed tests on sheep—it's not yet implantable, but it's wearable, unlike a dialysis machine, and it does more than filter toxins from blood. It also makes hormones and performs other kidney functions.

Are you as amazed as I am?  I hope so and I hope everyone has a chance to read this article in National Geographic on Organ Regeneration.  Did you know that 30 people have received lab-grown bladders already, and other engineered organs are in the pipeline?  I just sit here and imagine what this will mean for the heart babies not yet born.We have come so far and I pray that we continue to make progress in this and ALL diseases. 


  1. Pretty cool stuff! I had a 3 paragraph reply that blogspot decided to delete for me. In lieu of writing it again, I'll simply point out this video too:

  2. Pretty amazing!!!

    BTW, I received Emma's beautifl gift. THANK YOU so much. Your kindness just amazes me. THANK YOU again. Give Hope a big ((HUG)) from me.

  3. This is amazing stuff. Thank you for sharing.