Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hope is WALKING!!!  All on her own, unassisted...WALKING.  She is amazing.  I don't know how to express the emotions I am feeling right now.  I try so hard to forget what we went through before she was born and the first few weeks of her life.  I remember sitting on the bench my husband made me for Mother's Day thinking that I would never see Hope enjoy our beautiful house and the wonderful yard we have.  I remember crying so much before she was born as I watched the boys playing in the sandbox, on the swings, and running around our yard.  My heart broke thinking that Hope would never experience all of the amazing things the boys have been able to enjoy.  Tears still come to my eyes today as I remember that time.  I am overjoyed that Hope has been able to swing, play in the sandbox (although she hates getting dirty, so that is always short lived), and now walking around the yard.  She loves the peacocks and chickens and spends a lot of time playing with them.  She has made a friend in Petey (she is a peacock that I tamed when she was young and will go on my arm and eat from my hand).  All of the things I never dreamed were possible...they are possible and happening in our lives.
A couple of our peacocks.  We will be having babies soon.
I know Hope is medically fragile and always will be.  I am reminded of that when her nurse comes to weigh her...and I find myself hating those days.  I hate that I can't get her to gain weight...that we may have to resort to a feeding tube at night.  But...I love that she loves to eat.  She will eat anything and loves to eat.  She may only take a few bites, but she does love to eat.  She burns her calories so fast that a G-tube has been mentioned on more than one occasion.  I don't want to think about it and I know it will be hard on all of us if we have to resort to it, but I also want her to be as healthy as possible.

Now for a few more fun pictures...my post was getting too serious again and we are heading to the nephrologist tomorrow.
Jerry had school pictures today.  He got all dressed up and looked so handsome!
My little cutie.  Paul is growing up so fast.


  1. Awesome! Way to go Hope! All your babies look so cute and happy <3.

  2. Yea Hope!! You're getting so big!!! :)

    Jenny (alys mom)

  3. Look out for Hopezilla! She looks like she's busting a serious move in that pic :-)
    Jerry looks so grown up, all ready for school pictures. And there's Paul, just chillin' on his ride and bein' all cute about it.
    I hope you're bringing everyone with you for the Heart Walk next month - I'm looking forward to seeing you!

  4. AAWWW. That is wonderful.It is such a happy moment when our Heart LO's accomplish the smallest things.She is so beautiful and so determined that with Gods help she will accomplish anything she wants to.
    You are a great moma and you have wonderful children.Keeping you and your family in our thoughts.

  5. That is awesome!! Yay Hope! What an emotional sight to see her take those steps! So happy for you all.


  6. Yay for walking!! Such a huge milestone, I know the feeling =) SO happy for your guys - Hope is such a doll and what a little miracle! Hugs!

  7. Way to go Hope! Momma get your running shoes ready!