Friday, July 29, 2011

My Puppy Post - with pictures

I wanted to do a post on just the puppies.  They are all so cute and they are all 6 weeks old.  They started eating puppy food this week and playing like crazy.  They are running all over the house.  I feed them and let them play outside because I don't want them messing up my house too much.  I have never mopped my floors this much...I am sure they needed it though.

They will be getting their first shot and de-wormed this weekend.  A local vet is taking two of the girls and has graciously provided the shots for us.  He also checked them all out and they are all in great health.  His wife is Hope's physical therapist...such a small world.
Dad and Mom
Gizmo - he has the cutest white line of fur in the middle of his head.
The boys call this one Little Guy.  He is the male 'runt' and has the biggest cutest ears.
Humongo...because she is the biggest girl.  She has a precious face too.

This is Bailey and she is already taken.  She is super cute and super fun to play with.  She loves to run and play. just fits him.
Jerry playing with the pups.  They love to play and are great with the kids.


  1. Thanks again for a fun day of kids, puppies, and conversation! We are looking forward to bringing Purple and Blue [that's Gizmo & LO] home in a few weeks :)

  2. I really want one do you have any left ???
    Let me know
    Heart hugs Ivy

  3. The pup are so cute! Love the pic you caught of proud mom and dad lol!

  4. I meant Gizmo & LG, not LO, but you knew what I meant! :-D woof!

  5. I still have 2 boys and a little girl left. And yes, I am still keeping the little girl...Jerry will get over it!

  6. I thought we were taking 2 of the 3 boys?