Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puppies, Puppies, EVERYWHERE

Yep...we have a bunch of the cutest little golden-doodle puppies.  Nine to be exact.  They were born almost 3 weeks ago and have started walking this week.  I feel like a new mom...waiting for their eyes to open, watching them try and walk, and now I am waiting for them to start eating on their own.  I already have mine picked out...even though Jerry doesn't seem to think we are keeping one.  If anyone wants a cute puppy, let me know.  Both dogs are getting fixed.  We have planned this litter since we had both dogs and figured the puppies would be cute as can be, but dog breeders is out of the question for us.  I have no time or desire to breed dogs, but I just love my golden (Rex) and labradoodle (Olivia) and knew they would make cute puppies.
I will post some recent pictures in my next post.  They are getting so big and so cute.  Their personalities are starting to really show. 


  1. They are too cute! NO idea how you are doing that with the kiddos! Jack would love a dog, but boy, I am not ready for that :)


  2. Paula - I sent you an email about this after Logan's party - we need to talk some puppy talk! Please email me :-)

  3. I like these photos! I really prefer labradoodle puppies as my starter pet. They all seem cute and they look intelligent, plus they don't shed much. Cheers!