Wednesday, December 14, 2011

9.55 - Slow and Steady

For the non-kilo people that is 21 pounds .866 ounces.  In two weeks she has gained over 5 ounces...slowing down a little, but still a gain.  She is over 21 pounds and I am thrilled that she is now OVER 20 pounds.  It has taken so long to get here and even though it is hard, we know that she is gaining and it makes all the work that much better.

In a bit of related news, we found out that Dr. Mavroudis (Hope's surgeon) is no longer working at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.  He has always been our hero.  He saved Hope's life and held her heart in his hands.  He is an amazing man and it was always my thought that he would be the one to do all of her surgeries.  It never crossed my mind that he might not be there for her Fontan.  It is very scary for me to think about someone else holding her heart in their hands.  I know we still have many months (hopefully over a year) to worry about her Fontan, but I can't help but worry (it is in my nature).

Enough of that...everything else around here is going great.  I have hardly started Christmas shopping, but I am hoping to get in a good day of shopping this weekend. 


  1. She looks so good Paula! I'm so happy for you that the weight is moving forward. Amy

  2. She looks great and weight gain is weight gain regardless for our special hearts, right? :) I'm sorry to hear about your surgeon leaving. :( Do you know where he went?

  3. I can understand the fear. I will be praying for the hands of the surgeon who does her Fontan to be as graceful and as talented as the surgeon that preformed her other surgeries. Thinking of you and Hope today <3