Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up

It has been such a long time since my last post.  We have had a lot going on lately and I have just not felt much like updating.  Most of this update will be pictures, but I also wanted to share the excellent weight gain Hope had today.  When we were downtown at the Clinic, Hope weighed 10.40 kilos...this is 22 pounds 14.8 close to 23 pounds.  I was hoping she would be at 23 pounds when we went down there, but oh least she is gaining.  Today, the little princess is up to 10.70 kilos (at her scale in Medina).  She finally hit the 23 pound mark and actually gained almost a whole pound.  She is well on her way to my goal of getting her to 25 pounds by her third birthday.  I just pray that she doesn't lose a ton of weight when she is in for her cath.  She hates eating at home and I am sure it will be worse in the hospital. come the pictures!

My girls on Easter
Gigi (my mom) reading to all the kids on Easter
Mama (Jerry's mom) and the girls on Easter (yes, Hope had two Easter dresses)
Hunting for Easter eggs at Jerome's house
Our first bowling trip...we all had a blast!
We had a great day at the Cleveland Aquarium
The girls had a great time at the Aquarium!
On the Rapid...our first trip on the train.
This was on the Rapid...before it got packed with people!
We had a great spring break and it was even better because we had Destiny with us for the whole week.  It is really hard having her so far away (she moved to Kentucky with her mom) and only seeing her on breaks. 


  1. So glad to hear she's gaining weight- I think it's interesting how concerned they are with Hope's weight and how unconcerned Aly's doctors are- Aly only weighs 25.5 pounds and she will be three in June! I'm glad you get to breath and not stress about weight- that is the hardest thing- I remember stressing about Aly's weight before she was one and it is SO frustrating. Loved the pictures and glad you all had a great spring break!

  2. So glad ur hope is well. I pray she continues to thrive. I will check on her often. I hav 3 hrt babies but a really special place n my hrt for hlhs babies. We lost our sylas n 2006. His story is at