Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday

Hope turned 3 today.  The excitement of this birthday is tangible.  It is a birthday that we know means she is getting ready to do 'big girl' stuff.  She is starting preschool, she will use the bathroom, she is starting to play games on the iPhone, she is gaining much.  She is amazing and the realization of how much she has gone through in 3 years amazes me more all the time.

Now for some cute pictures from her birthday:

Hope's PawPaw (my father-in-law) rented a pony for Hope's birthday.  This picture shows a scared little girl, but it didn't take long to warm her up.

Once she realized how much fun she was having, she wouldn't get off until the pony had to leave.  Now, she asks for one all the time...I keep telling her to ask her PawPaw (although I do worry that she may get one for Christmas from him).

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