Monday, July 20, 2009

Hard Conversation

This weekend Jerry and I had a very difficult conversation with Destiny (his daughter). We have put off telling her about Hope for a while and I told him that we needed to tell her this weekend. I don't know how much she understands, but it was a conversation we really needed to have so that she can get used to knowing that Hope will be sick when she is born. We also need to have a difficult conversation with her mom to make sure that she will be able to be there when Hope is born. She will probably be back to school when Hope is born and I would really like for her to meet Hope before she either has to go to NICU for surgery or if she does not make it for surgery.

I am more worried about Destiny than I am with Jerry and Paul if anything happens to Hope. She is 11 years old and really does understand death much better than Jerry and especially more so than Paul. I worry about how she will handle seeing Hope at the hospital and I also worry about her emotionally. I guess some of it has to do with not knowing whether or not her mom will be able to deal with the emotional issues that Destiny may have if Hope does die. I just keep praying for a miracle and find that when I pray...I really feel like God is listening and hears me asking for help. He may not be able to make Hope's heart full, but I know he will give me the strength and courage to handle everything that happens.

On a lighter note, the Mandarin Duck had 10 little babies this weekend. We went out to the coop to get them today and they are super fast. I didn't think the mom would have them out of the nest already, but they were up and running. They were getting out of the coop and that amazed me. The wire we have around the coops is less than an inch wide and they were still able to get out. It was actually a funny sight watching Jerry and I running around the yard trying to gather up these tiny little ducks. I am really glad we went out and got them before some of the predators we have in the woods got to them. They are all safe and sound in a little cage in the house now.

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