Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hopefully tomorrow

we will be coming home. 

Hope looks so good...just can't wait until they take the IV out of her head.

Hope has been showing everyone how much she wants to come home.  Her numbers all look good, including her kidneys (YEAH!!!).  She has taken a break from sleeping and has maybe slept for 5 hours all last night and today.  I am hoping she will catch up on her sleep when she gets home because she and I both need it.  Jerry gets the privilege (NOT) of staying at the hospital tonight.  He will get to see how often the nurses feel the need to come and disturb everyone's sleep all night.  I swear they have a schedule where they must wake up a sleeping baby every hour.  After finally getting Hope to sleep this afternoon, I had them put a sign up not to disturb her.  I know she needs sleep...she has been yawning like crazy.

 Grandma brought the boys up and we all had fun making glove balloons.

At rounds this morning, they basically said that if everything remains exactly like it is, she will come home tomorrow.  Jerry may be spending the night, but I plan to be there early tomorrow to make sure they start the discharge paperwork right away.  I don't want to spend one more minute in the hospital than we have to.


  1. Hooray!!! I am so happy to read this. Hope looks wonderful. It is hard to believe she had surgery just a week ago, amazing. She is a true blessing.

  2. Paula, I remember when I first read your blog and you were still pregnant with Hope. At that time, it seemed like her prognosis wasn't good. Look at her now!! She has overcome so much and is so beautiful! I hope God continues to bless you with miracles!

  3. That's great news! Hope looks beautiful even with the IV! When we were in for the Glenn, I made the nurses leave us alone. I would get him to go to sleep and then they would want his blood pressure, I would tell them no way, come back when his is awake.

  4. She is so beautiful !!! Glad you are already home !!!