Sunday, May 9, 2010

In the news!

If you have a chance, check out the link to an article that appeared today in the Akron Beacon Journal. Hope made it to the front page of the paper for a special Mother's Day edition.

Hope's Article

More pictures can be seen if you click on the first picture.

I have been through everything and I still cried like crazy when I read this article...the reporter, Cheryl Powell did an excellent job putting our story into words.


  1. That is an awesome article!! They did do a great job!

  2. That was a wonderful article and what a blessing Hope is!!!

  3. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift to you. The article is wonderful and I love the photos. I am glad that so many more people get to meet your miracle. Thinking of you.

    Sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's day. I tried to send you a text but I think I have the number wrong. Big hugs to you, you are a wonderful mother. Gob bless you always.

  4. What a wonderful article! ♥ Hope is a true blessing and miracle! She is one adorable little fighter and your one amazing Mommy! :D

    Btw, thanks for the sweet message you left on my blog! :D I hope I'm able to carry at least one child, but we will see. Hearing him say it is a good possibility was nice to hear. I hope I'd be a good mommy, I know how big of blessings children are. Your words made me smile! :D

    Sending you LOTS of **Heart Hugs**!!

    With LOTS of HOPE, Love, and Faith,
    Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia, HRHS)


  5. How fantastic!!!! I am going to share this with some of my friends. Thanks for sharing your story-amazing!!!

    Jillian (30 weeks pg with my HLHS boy)

  6. It's an amazing article! I love that they captured it all so well....her fight, her spirit, your struggles with it all. Little Hope is spreading CHD awareness with her story. It's so heartwarming.
    heart hugs,