Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seriously? and some updates

OK...the seriously goes out to the comment I saw on the on-line version of the article about Hope that was published in the newspaper.  I know there are insensitive and ignorant people in the world, but here is a comment that was left on the on-line article:

Stow, OH

Posted 12:59 AM, 05/15/2010
The little girl would have been better off aborted that to face a life of heart and kidney problems. Life is hard enough without being born with half a heart.

I am honestly amazed that anyone would leave a comment like that...let alone actually believe it.  I truly hope the person that posted that never has to experience  'true' hardship in their lives. 

Now...for the cool update.  Hope is babbling like crazy.  And the best part...she is saying 'mama' all the time.  My boys said 'dada' constantly when they were young, but it took a long time for them to say 'mama'.  I would have thought I was crazy or imagining it, but everyone has heard her now...even her Speech Therapist.  I am probably the happiest mommy around!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that. What a terrible, ignorant thing to say. Hope is a miracle that I think of constantly. After her NILMDTS session I prayed hourly for her survival and I believe with all my heart God held her in His hand and carried her through every surgery. Please ignore people like this and their obviously bitter and insensitive comments.

  2. The person who left that comment doesn't know how special kiddos and adults are with CHDs/Heart Defects and how full of life we are! Too bad for them! Just ignore horrible people like this! Apparently they have nothing better to do in their life then to leave mean comments.

    Yay! She is saying "Momma"! How amazing and I bet it is so adorable! I said "Momma" first too!
    Sending you and Miss Hope LOTS of **Heart Hugs**! :D

    With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
    Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia, HRHS... Half a Heart and living life!)

  3. That is UNBELIEVEABLE!! The ignorance of some people seriously leaves me speechless. I feel sorry for her and her nasty attitude.
    Yeah Hope! You are getting to be such a big girl! :)

  4. People can be so rude! I really hope they never have to fight for a child like you have for Hope. You have done the best thing for Hope. If she wasn't meant to endure this world, God would have brought her Home, but there is a reason for her to be here and a reason he chose YOU to be her mommy!

    So neat that she is saying mama. I love the feeling when you really know that they know who you are!!

  5. One need not look any further than Hope's brilliant smile to see that she is living life to the fullest; such a comment could never have been made by a parent, let alone a parent who had faced the heart wrenching decision of whether or not to bring a child into the world. Our little hypoplasts are incredibly resilient; time and time again I find it is the adults who can't comprehend what they've been thorough. They, on the other hand, are happy to be loved, held, read to, sung to and they show us their appreciation through melodious babbling and fantastic grinning that truly tugs at heart strings. Hope is amazing.

  6. That person is an idiot...I pity them! Your daughter is an amazing little girl and has more strength, courage and love in her little finger than that bozo does in his whole body. Don't let one person's ignorance get you down. I have been following Hope's blog since before she was born and I have drawn so much inspiration and HOPE from her story....your family is amazing and your daughter is a true blessing.
    Take care,
    (Mommy to my angel Madelyn Faith)

  7. Oh I just get so mad to read such ignorant comments! Our children are miracles, teaching us love,strength and courage...among other things :) I too feel sorry for people who could think in such a way! I am glad to hear that all is going well..keep up the good work Hope!

    ~Stephanie and Braeden

  8. Seriously is right! I am astonished someone would say something like that. Hope is a beautiful baby and I am so happy that you fought for her.

    I'm so glad that she is saying mama! that is to cute!

  9. WOW!!!! That person must really be suffering living with NO heart at all. Some people really are living in their lala land where they think they are perfect.

    I am sorry that you had to read that. Just ignore it and focus on that sweet baby girl!

  10. I cannot believe that someone would think that, let alone post it. All children are gifts from God, and it is not for us to take their lives. God has entrusted us with their care, and they all deserve a fighting chance at life. We all have challenges we face. For our precious babes, it just happens to be "half a heart."

    I pray that the individual that wrote that comment will come to understand that all children, born and unborn, are precious, and that all deserve a chance to live.

    mom to Zachary (DILV) and four other precious sons

  11. CLEARLY a nutjob:

    please don't let this comment affect you too much, I think some people just get a sick pleasure from saying the worst thing...I don't think anyone could really believe those words.

    Hope is a gorgeous girl, so happy to be here and obviously a joy to anyone she comes close to. We are so lucky to have kids like her around to show us what is truly important in life. I know my heart baby has taught me more about life in her short seven months that she's been here than I was able to learn on my own over the past 35 years.

    Hope is beautiful, and I'm thrilled to hear she's doing so well. It sucks that by putting our stories out there, so that others may learn from our experiences, we end up opening our lives up to the weirdos and mean people. Thankfully they seem to be rare, but don't let their words hurt you. They don't KNOW.

    big big love, Clare

  12. Really? That is just so rude, it makes my blood boil. How can they say something like that after reading about that precious miracle? So insensitive. I am really sorry that you had to read that.
    So happy to hear she is starting to say mama, you have record her so we can see it. Big hugs to you momma. You are an awesome mom and your children are so blessed. Don't let stupid comments like that get you down. ((HUGS))

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  14. Hope is a wonderful example of how living with "1/2" heart is much better than some uninformed person not using the one that they have!

    To God Be the Glory for HOPE!