Monday, November 29, 2010

I Hate These Posts

The hardest posts I have to write are when I find out another person with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) has lost his/her fight.  I hate it and I hate that CHDs take the life of anyone.  It is sad and a little more of my heart breaks each and every time. 

Today it is with a VERY heavy heart that I share the passing of Steve Catoe.  He is an adult CHD warrior and the voice of many excellent posts about CHDs and life in general.  I never had the opportunity to meet Steve in person, but learned a lot from him online.  He shared so much of himself through his posts and always shared on Facebook as well.  Steve will be missed by many and their are a lot of tears being shed in the heart world today.  RIP Steve...and give the little CHD angels hugs and kisses from all of us.

Another CHD warrior also earned his wings recently.  Andrew was almost 4 years old and is welcoming Steve to heaven.  It breaks my heart to read through his blog and realize that he was doing so well and yet his CHD took his life.  It scares me all the time and I worry almost daily that something might happen to Hope.  It brings her heart defect to the forefront of my life when another CHD warrior earns his/her wings. 

Please be sure to say a prayer for their friends and families. 


  1. We can both be scared and sad together ... but we have to keep Steve's dream alive ... and by 2024 we will find a cure or a way to survive this into late late (and I mean 80 years) of adulthood ... my goal is to make it to 80 ... my prayers are to make it to 60 ... my fear is to not make it to either ... love, blessings, and hugs

  2. Thank you for sharing this news, Paula. I hope Steve's family will consider leaving his blog up. He has so much valuable information there for CHD families.

  3. Praying and praying, it's never easy reading about knew CHD angel's. ((HUGS)).