Monday, November 1, 2010


Last year this was the first 'holiday' Hope was home to celebrate.  She was home to celebrate every single holiday...including each month (other than her 1st month) birthday at home with us.  Here are some great pictures from Halloween this year.
You notice she loves her candy...especially lollipops.  I can't keep them away from her.

All the trick or treaters.  Amanda the Princess, Jerry as Iron Man, Dominic as Gangster Grandma, Hope as a Butterfly, and
Paul as a Frog. 
They only lasted about 45 minutes because it was really cold and I think they were getting bored.  I am happy about that...less candy means less time mommy has to more candy today.


  1. The kids look great! I know the feeling about the candy. Usually after day three it goes in the garbage here.

  2. They all look so cute. Yes, it's a good thing that they didn't get that much candy. I felt the same way for Julian. : )