Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today was the day...one year ago.  I had to hand my beautiful daughter over to Dr. Mavroudis once again to work on her little heart.  It is another day I will NEVER forget and always look back on in ways I can't describe.  Hope had been home for almost 5 months before the Glenn.  We got to know our beautiful princess outside of the hospital.  We went through so much before her Norwood and the thought of her Glenn scared me even more.  I spent weeks worrying...since the day we had a date scheduled.  It breaks my heart when I think of everything Hope has been through and the thought of what she will have to endure at least one more time.
Check out the glasses...they are Build A Bear sunglasses that you usually buy for your bear.  I had to buy them for Hope because they fit so well and she looks so darn cute!

Hope's Glenn went pretty well...she was put on bypass 3 times because she had problems coming off.  They had to make her left pulmonary artery bigger.  Her stay was fairly uneventful...although she did develop Pneumothorax when they took out one of her drainage tubes.  They caught it really fast and for that I am grateful.  It did increase her stay in PICU because we were going to be moved to Step Down the next day.  Even with the minor (they seem that way today, but I can assure you that they didn't feel that way a year ago), she was home 5 days after her Glenn.  It was miraculous!  It was so different than the Norwood and I am hoping the Fontan will be a whole lot like the Glenn.
Look at all my cuties.  They are all in Jerry's bed...they all do have their own beds!


  1. This is definitely something to be greatful for. She looks so good despite her rocky road. She's an inspiration to many. Happy Gelnniversary Hope ! Hugs to you and your entire family. <3

  2. {{{HUG}}} What a little miracle she is!