Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hope - by Stephanie Husted

Running...through my life so grand
No need to stop
Or understand
God is goes well
No need to stop
Until I fell.

And when my life
Came crashing down
Like puzzle pieces
On the ground.

I didn't want
To stop and pray
Or listen to others
That said, "it's okay".

A pat on the back
We're praying for you
We know of the pain
That your going through.

But do you, I wonder?
As I stop and sigh
Do you imagine each day
That your child may die?

Just live for the moment
I say, with a smile
But inside I'm thinking
I'm tired of this trial.

You see tired eyes
And nails unfiled
But I see a mother
Who just wants her child.

Too many angels
Too many tears
Too many memories
That add to my fears.

I've sent many cards
Of caring concern
To parent's now grieving
Lord, help me discern.

Is this your plan?
Can it really be?
Is this your way
To make us all see?

It's not fair! It's not fair!
I just can't stop thinking
With my head above water
I feel myself sinking.

I try to imagine
Not hearing her giggles
Not seeing her smile
Or watching her wiggles.

Is it so very wrong...
That I feel this way?
That I let fear creep in
And steal hope for today?

Should I dream for tomorrow?
Dare I even believe?
That things will be fine
That I'll never grieve.

But what is life
If hope's not a part?
And what is hope?
But a dream in your heart.

I'll hope...believe
I'll dream and pray
For one thing is certain
And that is, "today".

~Stephanie Husted


  1. Love Stephanie's work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just figured it out! Since I found your blog through Every Heart Has a Story, I was wondering why the Wodzisz name is familiar because I know I had never seen your blog before (I would have remembered Hope). I was reading the carepage update about Zayne and I saw your post there. Your name is familiar since you have visited my daughter's carepage. Anyway, I feel like I've been sitting across a restaurant from you, trying to figure out how I know you and it hit me. (Yes, I know I am a little odd.) So, I wanted to say hi again.

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