Friday, May 20, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Jerry getting his diploma from his 'big' teachers.
This is also known as my day of crying.  The school where Jerry goes for preschool is amazing.  It is a vocational school and they do such a great job.  He is so ready for Kindergarten and I know that would not be true if he hadn't gone to preschool.  The one reason I love this program is that he gets his very own high school student teacher.  Miss Lisa did more to help my son that any mom could ever ask for.  She taught a little boy that did not know his colors and now he knows that and so much more.  The school is right down the street from our house (of course we live in the middle of nowhere so right down the street is a little different for us) and I can't wait for Paul to start in the fall.  We had to pull Jerry out last year because we didn't want all those nasty little preschool bugs in the house while Hope was between her Norwood and Glenn, but this year...he thrived!
Jerry and Miss Lisa at the graduation ceremony!

OK...onto the crying (also known as watching your oldest in a cap and gown graduating from preschool).  Like I said...the school is amazing.  All of the kids were in caps and gowns and the big teacher (there are 3 teachers in addition to the 25 high school student teachers) gave them a diploma.  First round of tears start...I must say that all us moms were pretty weepy the whole day.  After that they sang.  If you have never heard the words to "This Big I Am" you will not know why I cried so hard.  I can't find the lyrics anywhere, but trust me...they would make you cry!  The end of the ceremony was a video they put together of all the kids.  It was basically the year in pictures and music...the music again was amazing.  The ceremony ended and we all (teary-eyed) went back to the classroom where we had cake and juice with the kids.  We bought Miss Lisa a mug with pictures of her and Jerry and it read "Thank you Miss Lisa...Best Teacher Ever!" which got her crying all over again.  It made me so happy that Jerry touched her life as much as she touched ours.  I don't know if I did this justice, but it was amazing and now I can't wait for Paul and Hope to go to preschool with all these great teachers.  I also realized that every time one of my kids goes to Kindergarten, another one will be starting preschool.  I also realized that Jerry is in the graduating class of 2024...WOW!!! 
Jerry and his 'big teacher', Mrs. Keller.

I will end this post with some pictures of my little ones.  They make my heart so full and I love them more than I could ever write in a post!
Yes, Paul is pushing Hope in a baby is for her dolls, but she fits in it just fine.
Jerry was showing Paul all the cool stuff on the playground because Paul will be heading to preschool in the long as I can get him potty trained!

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  1. Aww how special!!!! I could only imagine how tearful you were because I think of Julian going to school and it makes me cry, lol.
    Your kids are beautiful!!!