Monday, March 12, 2012

2 Years Post-Glenn

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since Hope's last open heart surgery.  2 years since we handed her over to the surgeon to work on her little broken heart.  2 years that we were told would never happen...what a miracle Hope is!!!  I think back to the Glenn and am always amazed at how well it went.  6 days...that's it!  She had open heart surgery and she was only in the hospital for 6 days.  So many people gave up on Hope right after she was born and every single day is a miracle because we didn't listen to them.  We took our daughter somewhere else and found a team of doctors that were willing to try anything to give us Hope.  They told us the risks, the unknowns, the good, bad, and ugly.  I don't really know if they expected Hope to do so well...I don't want to ask the question or know the answer.  I just know that my beautiful daughter is doing great.  She is growing (SLOWLY) and developing at her own pace.

Last Friday I took Hope for preschool registration.  Can you believe my little girl is almost old enough to start school?  Oh boy, that took my breath away.  Anyway...the little stinker decided not to talk.  That is really no surprise because she doesn't really talk to many people other than me.  She is still receiving speech therapy, but hardly talks to her speech therapist.  She will probably be considered special needs because of her medical and speech problems, but I think it will be great for her to be at school with kids her age.  She only spends time around her brothers and sometimes her big sister, so I am hoping time with other little girls might help her open up and start talking more often.  For the heart moms out there...I am scared of all the potential bugs in school.  It scares me that she might get really sick.  She has never been hospitalized for anything other than her heart and I don't want that to change.  Her brothers have been in school and brought home a lot of you think that has helped her immune system enough to let her go to school?  Any advice?  I will be driving her because the thought of putting her on the bus scares me as much as the bugs she might get.

On the weight front...we will find out on Wednesday.  Prayers for a good weight gain are always appreciated.


  1. Yay for two years! I always like meeting another sweet little heart warrior. What a beautiful, brave girl you have. Sending much love and prayers your way, love, Liz.

  2. Logan started preschool this year and he has been sick a fair amount but he has really handled it pretty well. Hope might do better than you think with the sick bugs.

  3. awesome!! it's hard to believe how quickly the time goes. We, too, are registering for preschools and I can't believe it. We are getting ready for Fontan...wish us luck! (Sofia had a 3 night hospital stay for Glenn. & while we know better than to expect that again, we hope it won't be too long!)
    Anne Curwen