Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hope's Medical Team

This post is going to be a lot harder because even though I see people every single day, I don't always remember their names.

Dr. Prieto - she has taken care of Hope since she was born.  She is very caring, but will definitely tell you how it is.

Dr. Preminger, Dr. Golden, and the rest of the Cardiologists at the Clinic have been there for my family and have been following her through our new journey.  We get a new one every week who is on call and we will eventually know all of them very well.

Dr. Stewart is an amazing surgeon and a wonderful person.  He has never operated on Hope, but he will be the one that gives her a new heart.  He has laughed and cried with me during this stay and I am forever grateful to him.

Dr. Boyle is now Hope's doctor.  He takes care of all the kids with heart failure and the ones that need a new heart.  He is the big reason Hope is on the list.

PICU Doctors - I don't know half of their names, but I truly thank them for keeping Hope comfortable and as healthy as possible.  They really listen to me and that makes all the difference in the world.

The Nurses - I wish I could list them all because we love so many of them.  Oksana is my favorite and I really think she loves our family as much as we love her.  Kristen, Adam, Allison, Kate, Travis, and so many others to list.  The nurses know Hope better than most of the doctors and are always there for our family if we need anything.

Big John - everyone knows he is the best blood draw around.

Christine (Music Therapy) - she does amazing things for Hope.  Whenever she is at the door, Hope's face lights up.

Meredith (Art Therapy) - she also makes Hope's face light up.  We have so much artwork on the walls and the room looks awesome.

Sarah (Child Life) - she always gets the call when they need to distract Hope.  She plays and helps so much.

The Volunteers are amazing.  Every day we get to take advantage of these wonderful caring people.  They not only come and play with Hope, but they relieve me for a little bit...usually so I can take a much needed shower.

There are so many other people that I need to thank and yet I can't remember their names.  We get so much support from everyone and feel like everyone is looking out for our whole family.

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  1. These people really become a huge part of your life when you're in the hospital, and I would imagine especially while you're waiting for a new heart. So glad Hope has a good team surrounding her!