Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Plans Change all the Time

PICC line...no PICC line...YES...we now have a PICC line.  I hate it and Hope hates it, but it is there and we are now used to it.

CT scan...no CT scan...NO CT SCAN!  This one is pretty darn certain.  The risks (intubation, additional hydration, and possibly not getting good enough pictures) made Dr. Prieto decide against it.  This is what they are looking for...they want to make sure her ascending aorta has not kinked or narrowed where it meets her native aorta.  Her ascending aorta has always been small (about 2mm when she had the Glenn) and they are wondering if when her aorta grew (which happens when kids grow) if maybe the ascending aorta might have kinked or narrowed.

Cath...no Cath...still no decision on the Cath.  This is kind of a wait and see.  I think it will happen...probably this week.  I actually think it may help figure out what is happening, but I know it will help rule out what is NOT happening.

Tomorrow is a day free of everything.  We are pretty much going to hang out and just wait until Dr. Prieto has time in her schedule to do the cath.

Please keep Weston in your prayers as well.  He will be re-listed for his heart tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes the wait is worse than the procedure. Hope that no matter what they decide to do, that you get some answers. Hang it there, it is rough being in the waiting game. Awesome news about Weston being relisted!