Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Hospital Days

The days are getting a little easier for Hope and she is not having as much fear as when she was first admitted.  She has been chatting with the nurses and doctors and being her cute little self.  This picture is from her hair styling this morning.  They through on this cap and scrub and when it is is clean and shiny.  Hope wants to take a lot of these home because she hates getting water in her eyes when she gets her haired washed.

Sadly, we were not able to celebrate my niece Amanda's birthday with her at home.  So the next best thing...Hope decorated her room for Amanda!  Marilyn (my sister), John, and Amanda brought up brownies to celebrate (we shared with the nurses).  It was great having everyone there and we hope Amanda had a great birthday!

We also had a surprise visit from one of the teachers, Mrs. Shrader at Buckeye Schools (where the kids all go).  She helps get Hope out of the car every day and she is the reading specialist my son Jerry sees during the week.  She is an amazing woman and brought stuffed animals for Hope and for a few other cuties that are in the PICU with her.

When I got home tonight, we had a huge surprise...a full dinner for our family from Destiny's best friend's mom (Jinx).  She is an amazing cook and I can't wait for dinner tomorrow to try everything.  She made us pork, sauerkraut, potatoes, dumplings, and gravy.  She also bought Hope a really cute present.

Tomorrow is the big day where they check her heart again.  I am scared to death and actually came home tonight to get the boys off to school in the morning.  Jerry is staying with her and will hear the news at rounds in the morning.  I am praying like crazy that the medicine is working and her heart is doing better.  I am also realistic in knowing that what she looks like on the outside isn't always indicative of what is going on with her heart.

Please pray for Hope and for our whole family.  Also...there are a lot of great kids in the hospital that need your prayers as well.

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  1. Praying for the best cardiology news today! Those shower cap things are amazing :)