Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PICC Line Change and NG Change Too

Hope's PICC line decided to start leaking last night, so we got a dressing change at 6am this morning.  Definitely not something Hope or I wanted to wake up to this monring.  We had to move her Milrinone to a peripheral IV (which meant placement at 7am).  It has been a long morning and I am guessing the afternoon will be long as well.  She is now NPO (cannot eat or drink) until after her new PICC line is placed...which is scheduled around 1pm.  My little princess is taking this in stride and I am so proud of her.  Her dressing change yesterday and again this morning were not as traumatic as normal, so I am happy about that and hope it continues when she gets her new PICC line.  I am also having them change out her NG tube and put it in the other nostril while she is getting her new PICC line.  It clogged yesterday and I worry that it has been in so long it will just continue to clog...so a change will be good...especially when she is sedated and they can take an x-ray to make sure it is placed correctly.

I know this procedure is not complicated, but please keep Hope in your prayers for an easy procedure, hopefully using the same vein so we don't have to potentially blow out a different vein, and for an easy recovery this afternoon.  Please also pray for peace with her as she cannot have anything to eat or drink and I know she will be begging for something to drink soon.

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