Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paul's 1st Birthday

Today is Paul's 1st Birthday! We had his party with the whole family on Sunday and he had a great time. He fell asleep shortly after opening and playing with his new toys. It was great seeing the whole family together and the kids all had a great time. I kept thinking about how much fun Hope would have at her Birthday parties and I am hoping she will be able to experience them with the whole family.

Destiny has been with us since Friday and she has been a great help with the boys. She plays with them and even watches them when I need a few minutes to get some work done. I really want to do something nice for her this week, but I'm not sure what she would want to do. I know her summer is not all that exciting, but I would at least like to do a few things with her this week. We are not sure how much we will have her this summer as her mom is off most of the summer. We still haven't told her about the problems with Hope and I really think her dad and I need to sit down and talk to her about everything. She is old enough to understand and I don't want her to be surprised after Hope is born.

I talked to the geneticist this week and the results from the micro-array came back. Hope has a deletion on her 15q13.3 chromosome. I did a lot of research and it does affect the neurological system, but they are not sure what effect it will have on each person. Here is the only information I have really found on the 15q13.3 deletion. It just seems like yet another piece of bad information that I really didn't want to know. I guess there are times when I feel like if I didn't know all this information, everything would be better. But then I think at least having this information gives me time to prepare for what might happen. I guess I am just scared of all the unknowns and really wish that I had some concrete information.

I am not spending as much time worrying about everything or really thinking about everything that might happen with Hope. It has been really busy with Paul's Birthday and with Destiny being here for the week. I don't have any appointments until the 24th, so that has helped as well. All in all...everything is going well with the pregnancy that I can tell and I will wait and see what happens on the 24th. I also need to find a chance to talk to my boss sometime soon about what is going on...I really don't want him to be surprised to find out that I am pregnant.

We are off today to go over Marilyn's to go swimming. I know the kids will have a great time today and I am looking forward to spending time with them and with Marilyn.

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  1. Hi Paula,
    It's Michele from babycenter. I was going to email you to check in when I noticed you have this blog. You have such a healthy perspective on things. And you are planning for the future - whatever that will bring. I can tell that you love your kiddos so much. I love planning birthday parties too! We always have a theme and fun cake creation! I think I enjoy my kids parties as much as the kids do.

    I just want to encourage you. It's hard when no one in "real life" is supporting you in a direct kind of way. They are probably still absorbing this themselves. Maybe they are worried they will say the wrong thing. I'll bet that after they meet Hope and see how strong you are they will be inspired by your special love for her. I'm praying for you.