Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 Months

Time is flying by and we are enjoying every minute of every day.  I am totally amazed at all of the changes we have seen in the last 4 months.  Hope is spending her days smiling and cooing and it is so wonderful to see and hear.  She is still in the 9s...I never knew it could take this long to gain a pound.  I swear I can gain a pound just thinking about eating a brownie and it is taking Hope so long just to gain a pound.  I never knew how frustrating it could be to watch your little girl try and gain weight.  I just really want her to get to at least 10 pounds (preferably 12) before her surgery.  I am not sure if that will happen, but we are praying.

Hope had her vaccinations today and seemed to do fine with them.  She slept most of the afternoon and evening.  The doctor's office weighed her in at 9 pounds 11 ounces, but I am pretty sure their scale is wrong.  At home she weighs about 9 pounds 4 ounces, so we still have quite a ways to get to 10 pounds.

There are a lot of heart babies having surgery or getting ready to have surgery.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. She is soo cute!!! I understand your frustration with the weight. Aly was the same way. She took FOREVER to gain weight. She was only 11 pounds (barely) for her second surgery and she did really well. Any news on when they are thinking for her next one? Heart mom after heart mom told me how much easier life is after the second one and they were SOOO right! Hope everything continues to go well!! :) :)

  2. Paula, Hope looks great! How time flies, I cannot believe she is already 4 months. Like I always says I just want to grab her and give her a big giant hug! I pray everyday that she continues to grow stronger so that she can have her 2nd surgery soon. I know everything will be ok. Thinking of you guys always!

  3. I have been following Hope for awhile through Aly & Jenny's blog.
    It's great to see she is doing well. My son Colin is almost 10 months, he
    had his Glenn in September.
    I know things are really frustrating right now, but I promise just hold on a few
    more months and it gets so much better.
    Besides a few medicines, Colin is a completly normal baby.
    He is crawling, talking, pulling up on furniture, and gaining weight.
    He has gained 6 pounds since October!
    Our blog is

  4. Paula,
    thank you so much for your support in the heart walk. Hope will be in my thoughts that day.

  5. Paula, she could NOT be any cuter! I'm not sure if you'll be staying up in Cleveland again for the Glenn, but our place is always open if you need somewhere to stay. At the very least, I would really like to come visit and bring you some food at the clinic when you go in. She's done so well so far. I'm confident she'll gain enough weight. When are they planning the Glenn?

  6. She is so darn cute! I think we should introduce Ethan and Hope when they get older!
    We're struggling at reaching our goal weight for surgery as well. I agree, I could gain a pound in a day and it takes him a whole month! Geesh!
    I'm hoping that she can keep her stats up until she reaches her goal of 12lbs. or at least close to it.