Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cardiology and Rice Cereal

Today was Hope's every other week cardiology appointment.  No echo today which meant that it was a quick and easy visit for everyone.  She did really good for most of the appointment, but decided to get fussy when Dr. Prieto tried to listen to her heart.  I don't think she likes to have anything put on her little chest.  The cardiac nurses also decided to pull out her one stitch that has not dissolved.  Hope and I have very sensitive skin and I think that makes the stitches that much harder to dissolve. Nothing much has changed and we did not really discuss Hope's next surgery...other than she is doing well and it is not yet needed.  Her saturation levels have stayed about the same - high 70s to low 80s and they won't address surgery until they hang out around the mid 70s.

We went to the pediatrician last week to get Hope's 4 month vaccinations.  Solid food was discussed and we decided to try rice cereal.  Hope really did well and was able to get a few teaspoons down.  We didn't try much or for very long because she really needs to get her calories from her fortified formula so she can gain more weight.  They just want her to try and learn how to eat solid is more developmental for Hope than actually getting her food from solids.

Not too much else is going on around our house.  It has been as quiet as it is going to get with 3 little ones under 5 years old.  The boys love to spend time with Hope and now that she is smiling, they love it even more.  She is trying to actually laugh and I can't wait to hear the first laugh!

Please keep our heart babies in your thoughts and prayers.  I have read through some of the boards that I belong to that a few babies have earned their wings.  I am also extremely sad when I read about that happening because I can't imagine how hard it is for the parents.  The babies are in heaven and have a whole heart, but their parents are here on earth and suffering from a broken heart.  There are also a lot of little ones that are gearing up or just had surgery...please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well.  I could probably use my whole blog space to keep up with all the heart babies I follow.


  1. Love the picture of Hope! She is just too cute. Take care and thinking of you guys like always.

  2. Glad hope is doing so well. And even trying a little solids, she has come a loooong way! So happy you are getting to enjoy her as a family. She is so sweet and adorable! Wishing her continued health and growth! Hugs.


  3. What a cutipie!! and already 4 months old and eating my. lol And it sounds like her heart is doing really really well! music to my ears. ;)