Monday, January 4, 2010

Hope's First Cold

Something we have been trying to avoid since we brought Hope home has finally happened...she has a cold.  She is coughing and sneezing and just plain congested everywhere.  I am a nervous wreck about this, but the cardiology nurses are telling me she will be fine.  Her color is a little off, but her oxygen saturation is fine and she is eating the same as before without any problem.  She has a cardiology appointment on Wednesday and I am hoping she will remain this good until her appointment.  I hate running to the cardiologists when she is not scheduled for an appointment.  It makes me really nervous and afraid for my little girl.  There are times she looks good and like nothing is wrong...then when she is awake and coughing and her nose is congested it is really hard.  She just looks so miserable at those times and I feel like a horrible mommy.  No one else here or that has been in contact with her is sick, so I have no idea where she got this...not that it matters.  I am actually kind of glad that no one else is sick...that would be much harder. 

Please keep Hope in your prayers that she gets over this cold real soon and doesn't develop any other infections or problems from the cold.  A little prayer for me would be nice too as I am stressed, worried, nervous, and just plain scared for my little girl.


  1. I know this is scary. I remember the first time Alexa had cold but she did do fine. I will pray this goes away quick and causes no harm. Wishing you a healthy new year! I love hearing how well Hope is doing otherwise!



  2. Saying prayers for Hope. I also remember Sophia's first cold and being so stressed out. Hang in there. Angie Montgomery