Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many Prayer Requests

I will update on Hope later this week.  I really want to send out a request to all my followers to send up some prayers for some heart warriors and their parents this week.

Logan is in Boston and will have his bi-directional Glenn on Tuesday.  He and his family live about 10 miles away from me and yet we still have not met.  I really wanted to meet them before he went for his Glenn, but it was a last-minute and emergent need to get him to Boston.  Head over to his blog and let his parents know you are keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

Dylan is another little man that is getting ready for his Glenn.  I met his mom when Hope was in the hospital for her Glenn and he had just had his Norwood.  Crystal does not have a blog, but Dylan is having his Glenn on Wednesday at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Adam is a little man that is now waiting for a heart.  He has had a rough time and the stress of it all is taking its toll on his mommy.  Her last post is really heartbreaking and I am hoping all my blog friends can head over and give her some kind words and prayers.

Please keep Bowen in your thoughts and prayers as well.  It seems he suffered a stroke sometime in the last week and everyone is trying to figure out how.  The doctors are also trying to figure out some blood sugar issues.  Please send up some prayers for this little guy and his doctors. 

These are my specific prayers.  I know there are more babies, children, and adults out there that need your prayers.  Please keep our heart warriors in your daily thoughts and prayers.  And please don't forget the families of the heart angels...they need your thoughts and prayers too.  Losing your child is something I never want to experience, but many of my fellow heart families have...please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Please pray for our little Emma Janae, too. She is three weeks old tomorrow, has HLHS and has had complications, as many do...we are praying that, if the Lord wills it so, Emma's Mommy and Daddy can finally hold their precious little girl tomorrow. Her blogspot is:

  2. I am praying for her parents. Holding your little one after they have gone through so much is such a wonderful experience.

  3. Praying for all of these precious little ones and the strength and endurance of their parents.

    I can relate as I'm typing this from the children's CICU where my 10 mo lil' girl is recovering from replacement of her pulmonary valve.

  4. BTW - when I clicked on little Adams link it redirected me to a different site (a create a website site). Maybe others have gotten it to work. But you might want to double check the hyperlink. I would hate the mommy who needs the most encouragement, not get it because we can't get to her.


  5. It's the only difference being the http vs the www