Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart Month and 10.15

It is the 1st day of Heart Month and I am so excited that CHDs may actually get some attention this month.  I know we heart families are doing everything possible to make sure we raise awareness.  I am planning to 'pin' Hope's story on Pinterest for Faces of CHD.  I have never been on Pinterest, but I am excited that we are able to share our stories and our kids with as many people as possible.

Any heart families that have not 'pinned' please go HERE and follow the instructions from Stef's blog "When Life Hands You A Broken Heart".

A little weight update...Hope is up again!!!  Not as much as last time, but still pretty good.  She is up .15 grams which is right where she needs to be to keep us from another cardiology and dietitian appointment.  For the non-kilo folks...that is 22 pounds 6.03 ounces.  That is an increase of almost 6 ounces in two weeks.  She is doing so good.  Yeah...we don't much like having to drive to the Clinic and prefer to drive up the street to Medina Hospital and say 'hi' to the nice nurses and Dr. Preminger.

Another great fundraiser for CHDs is visiting Build A Bear during the month of February.  While there, please be sure to make a donation to The Children's Heart Foundation.  Click HERE for more details.

Finally...I will be changing my facebook picture as often as possible to show the different ways CHDs have affected Hope and our family.  I know people don't like seeing pictures of Hope after her surgery, but I truly believe that is part of her life.  It is something she has been through and will go through one more time.

I will try and post a little more often this month to keep up with the awareness!


  1. Thanks for sharing our Faces of CHD board on Pinterest! Glad to hear that Hope is doing well!

  2. YEAH Hope! That is awesome weight gain :)