Monday, February 25, 2013

And the results are

inconclusive.  I wish I had more to tell everyone, but I don't.  Her echo and EKG looked just like the last one.  She looks good...although she needs to keep gaining.  Her sats (oxygen saturation level) were down...the highest they got today was 80 and that is low for Hope.  She usually sits around 83-88.  This was pretty discouraging and made me realize that I really can't tell what is going on just by looking at her.  I would swear that her sats were in the 80s...she just looks really good to me.  We have to get her sats checked in 2 weeks in Medina along with a weight check.  We are really hoping she is getting over or starting to get a cold and that they will be back to normal in a couple weeks.  If not, we will have the Fontan talk.  So...pray that her sats are back to normal...she definitely looks better than 77-80.

After Cardiology, we got to head to Nephrology (kidney doctor).  We saw a new doctor today and I absolutely love her.  She is super smart and spent a lot of time going over everything.  She also got to look at some clinical trial stuff I printed and brought along with me.  We talked about the bio-artificial kidney that is in trials for adults.  Hope even liked her a lot...which means so much.

Big John (the BEST phlebotomist in the world) was not there today, so we didn't get labs done.  We are going to head to Medina tomorrow and get her blood drawn.  There is a great lady that works there that can find a vein and it doesn't bother her.  Hopefully the results will be good with her kidney numbers.  So I guess that is another prayer from everyone...that her kidney numbers look good.

I will be catching everyone up when I get the results and definitely when we get her sats checked in Medina.

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