Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CHD Awareness Week Day 7

Today is a day of medical stuff.  Above is a picture of two is a Normal Heart and the other represents Hope's Heart (HLHS).  Every time I see this picture I am reminded of how amazing the surgeons are that have repaired Hope's heart.  With so many things wrong with her little heart, these surgeons have performed miracles.

Many people may not know this, but Hope was also born with Multicystic Kidneys.  Her kidneys are both cystic material and neither functions at 100%.  It is uncertain as to when she will need a transplant, but the long term outlook is definite that she will eventually need a new one.  If the cysts just affected one kidney, she could live a very long time with just one working kidney, but that is not the case with Hope.

I know people may look at all her medical problems and see a little girl who may not have a great life because of all her issues, but she has done amazing.  She is the strongest little girl I know.  She has shown me miracle upon miracle.  I remember being asked when I was pregnant if I wanted to terminate...I know God had something planned for our little girl.  I appreciate life to the fullest and treasure every second of every day.

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