Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our First BIG Trip

As most of you know we have not ventured very far from home since Hope was born.  I did not feel comfortable taking Hope too many places and exposing her to any 'foreign' germs...meaning anything from outside our house.  Well...yesterday we decided to take a little trip.  My mom, the boys, Hope, and I all headed to Michigan to see my grandma.  She is 94 years young and an amazing lady.  I pray I am in as good of health as her when I hit 94.  She looks great and even though she doesn't have the greatest memory (who the heck does anymore), she knew all of us and loved spending time with Hope.  It was an amazing visit and Hope was the life of the assisted living home where my grandma lives.  My Uncle and cousin also stopped by to see cousin met her for the first time, but my Uncle had met Hope when she was in the hospital.  I wanted to share some pictures with everyone because I am so proud of how all my little ones did yesterday.  They spent 3 hours in the car, three hours in the assisted living home, and then 3 more hours in the car coming home.  One guy at Tony Packos in Toledo even commented that they were the best-behaved kids he had ever seen in the restaurant...AMAZING!  My kids are far from angels and usually very rambunctious, but yesterday they showed me how well behaved they can be.  I am so PROUD of each of them!


  1. You have such a beautiful family!!! I'm glad your first trip with Hope went very well!!


  2. It is exciting to finally get out with our litte ones! We are also enjoying taking Alexa out and she is loving seeing a whole new world. Glad your trip went well and Hope is so super cute!!!! Love the pics of her sitting up, she has come a long way! Great job Hope and momma for taking good care of her!


  3. It seemed like great grandma really loved Hope. The pictures was so nice.