Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Years Ago

Going home two years ago!


Hope came home for the first time!  I remember the day so well.  We got home really late at night because there was just so much to do before we were allowed to leave.  The home health company was at the house when we got home and made sure the stuff was set up for her NG feedings.  The boys were so excited to see Hope and loved that we were finally all home.  We had everything ready for her...she slept in the same bassinet the boys did when they were babies.  She had a brand new swing from her grandparents and we knew she would be much happier...and we were right.  She was like a totally different baby at home.  She slept through the night and it amazed the whole house.  I, of course, slept very little.  I kept getting up to check and make sure she was doing fine.  I still do that...even with the boys I did it for a long time.  I think it is a habit and I still check on the boys before I go to sleep. 

There are so many wonderful thoughts and that day and every day since...we are a family!  It didn't seem like it when Hope was in the hospital.  The boys weren't allowed to visit much because it was flu season.  I spent all day and most evenings at the hospital.  I would come home to sleep and work out the plan for the day to see who would watch the boys while I was at the hospital.  Jerry went back to work because I had maternity leave and we didn't need to worry about my salary, but we needed him to work.  It was hard, but it was so worth every second.  My mom took off work and was able to keep the boys most of the time.  Everyone in our families stepped up to help out...they are amazing and if they are reading this...THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Hope has been home for every single holiday.  She came home right before Halloween and this will be the third Halloween that she has spent trick-or-treating.  Of course, the first one we didn't really do anything with her, but we did take the boys out because we didn't want them to miss out.  This year we will be heading out today...bundled up really warm because it is really cold here.  I know everyone will have a great time and hopefully not too much candy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weight Issues...Still we thought we rounded this corner and I still think we have, but I guess we didn't round it fast enough.  The crappy August 1st appointment where Hope was 17pounds 5 ounces is where I prefer to start.  She was then weighed in Medina on the 17th and it showed a loss (of course I didn't document the weight...pooh).  Anyway, today she weighed in at 19 pounds 4 ounces and that is after a big poop this morning and after she decided to throw up breakfast all over the nice guy that was weighing her in.  I think she is so used to seeing Dr. Preminger and the girl nurses that she got nervous around the male nurse (or maybe she is getting a little stomach virus...really hoping that is not the case).  I think that is AWESOME!!!  I am so proud of my little girl.  She is eating like a champ (drinking a whole lot more than actually eating...which is OK).

Now for the disappointment...we have to head downtown for a weight check and echo on Friday.  They (her regular cardiologist and dietitian) did not feel her weight gain was going as well as they hoped (I don't really know what they expected and I will be damn sure to find out on Friday).  I know it slowed down, but once we realized it was not just a fluke, we increased her intake.  Of course, I think it was too late for them and instead of giving me and Hope a chance, they jumped the gun (this is my opinion, but I will be sharing it with them on Friday). 

I know Hope has problems gaining weight and she really needs to get some additional weight on for the winter (as a reserve in case she catches something).  I also know she needs to pack on the pounds (literally) to be in the best shape possible for the Glenn.  But, as I am looking at it...she has gained almost 2 pounds in 2 months...that is HUGE for her.  She only gained 1 pound in almost a year...ughhh!!!  I think I am afraid of what they will find on Friday, but I am hopeful it will be a good appointment with little attitude from my little peanut.  She is notorious for being difficult and I would like to see that change...someday.

For now, I am off to see if she wants something else to eat.  We keep food all over the house and let her graze through the day...I think it is working and I plan to loudly disagree with her cardiologist on Friday...wish me luck and patience!