Friday, July 20, 2012

25 Pounds 3.89 Ounces

YIPPPEE!!!  This is an awesome weight and what I wanted Hope to be at by her 3rd birthday.  She and I get an early birthday present.  I really was nervous about this weight gain because after her cath, she has decided she doesn't want her drink stuff too much and wants to have a lot of tiny meals throughout the day.  I know her calorie count has decreased, but at least she is gaining.

For the kilo people out there, Hope is 11.45 kilos.  I used to be strictly pounds and ounces, but have learned kilos with Hope.  It's like a new language that I have learned in the past few years.  Combine that with all the heart and kidney stuff I have learned...I am really getting my continuing education credits.

There really isn't too much new to report.  Hope had her cath and did amazing.  She doesn't have to be back for any appointments until September.  It is nice to not worry about anything for a little while.