Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Overdue Updates

My last post was from March much time has gone by and so many great memories have been made.

This will be a post in pictures and will end with our latest cardiology sure to check it out because we are preparing for a summer Fontan.

Easter Fancy - she loves her hats!

Swinging and fashioning another cute hat!

Puppy love...yes, that is a little puppy.  Check out the nail polish...she did it herself...even her knee got a little!

Hope and daddy...just hanging out.

Swimming at Lodi Park

Happy 4th Birthday

So...we did have the Fontan talk at Hope's appointment this week.  She had appointments all day at the Clinic, so we got to spend time in many areas...the biggest news is the Fontan.  She will most likely have her Fontan next summer.  We will have our next appointment in March.  At that time, we will schedule the pre-Fontan cath.  This will tell everyone the condition of her heart...what they can't see on the echo.  It will tell everyone whether she is a good candidate or risky for the Fontan.  They may balloon her left pulmonary artery again or put in a stent or do nothing.  Depending on what they do in the cath lab will determine how long we need to wait for the Fontan.  My preferred date for her Fontan is June 18, 2014.  She gets out of school at the end of May.  We want to have some time to have fun during the summer.  We also want to make sure and celebrate Paul's 6th birthday.  I know things will probably get in the way and the date may change, but I want her to have the Fontan before July 1st.  Residents and Fellows change in July and I would prefer to have the more experienced Residents and Fellows on service when she has her Fontan.

I will try and update more often...especially because the Fontan makes me extremely nervous and I am sure I will need to get a lot off my chest before next summer.  Hope also needs to try and gain a few more pounds.  She is still around 26 pounds and they would like to see her closer to 30 pounds going into the Fontan.