Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st Haircut

I finally broke down and got my little girl a haircut.  We had a girls day out with my mom, Destiny, Hope, and I.  I took the boys to Cookie Cutters for their first haircuts and I was really upset that they are closed.  I found a cool kids place called Snip-Its and off we went.  It was nice and Hope did great...although Cookie Cutters was much cooler.

I was kind of shocked because Hope did not cry at all.  She just sat there and let the nice lady cut her hair.  I was very surprised, but also very happy.
On the way out, Hope got more pictures and a prize...a cute little bracelet.
The boys went with dad to get their haircut.  Check out my little men.  They are so cute.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Perfect 10

Yep...that's right...she hit 10 kilos today!  Woohoo!!!  She has done amazing with her eating since she got over her last bout with the stomach flu (or whatever she had for 8 very long days).  She has actually been a totally different little girl since she got over this...running around, playing like crazy, laughing, talking, and just being a lot happier than she was even before she got sick.  She is still only grazing through the day, but it is a little more than before she got sick and it makes me think she is really taking this weight thing seriously. 

For my non-kilo friends...here is a summary:

Today Hope weighed 22 pounds .74 ounces.  On January 4th (a couple days after her flu) she weighed 20 pounds 8.05 ounces.  That means she has gained 1 pound 8.69 ounces...that is huge.  I don't think she has ever gained that much in two weeks (probably not in a month).  I know some of it is from her packing on weight after the bug, but really...it is amazing!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year!  2012 started off with a little bug, but it is definitely gearing up to be a great year for our family. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

9.30 - UGHHH

That pretty much sums Hope's weigh in this morning.  I knew it was not going to be good.  She had a stomach virus for 8 days...yeah, the whole puking and pooping kind of virus.  The kind that no heart mom wants their little one to catch.  It was awful and I would have blogged about it, but it was just that awful.  So awful that I had to get a brand spanking new washing machine.  It was the floor model because they didn't have any that we liked in stock and we needed one THAT day.  The dryer will be here today, but no biggie...our old dryer works just fine.  I was going through at least 2 loads a day...and that was just the puke and poop stuff...not even counting the regular 2-4 loads I normally do a day. 

I am now home waiting for a call from Hope's cardiologist.  I know it is coming.  I am guessing we will be making a trip downtown in the next week or so.  They get really concerned when Hope loses any weight...even if she has been sick.

I will break down the ughhh for everyone.  Last weigh in December 14th - 9.55 kilos or 21 pounds .866 ounces.  Today (three weeks later) - 9.30 kilos or 20 pounds 8.05 ounces.  Total loss .25 kilos or 8.82 ounces (.551 pounds).  Not good at all.  We are trying to get her back to eating the way she was before the stomach bug, but that is going to take some time too.  She is pigging out on potato chips and I am thankful for that...it is something new for her and she loves it. 

Oh well...that is why there was no Happy New Year post.  I was busy cleaning up after a sweet little girl who was feeling really icky.  So...I hope everyone has a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!!!