Friday, November 20, 2009

Cardiology Appointment

Hope had her cardiology appointment yesterday with Dr. Prieto and everything looks really good.  I am so happy with how well she is doing and I thank God every day for the blessings He has provided to our family.  Hope is doing better than anyone expected and we know that is God's power.

Hope has been spending her days hanging out in her swing, her bouncer, her bumbo chair, or just laying on the floor with Jerry and Paul.  She is happy and smiling and just enjoying her life so much.  She is getting bigger every day and I love to see her cheeks getting rounder and seeing her with more meat on her bones.  It amazes me whenever I look at her.  She has my eyes and when she looks at me, it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

We have increased the amount of formula we are giving her and she is up to 2 ounces every 3 hours.  She pretty much sucks down the bottle in just a few minutes.  I am thinking we may need to switch to bigger bottles pretty soon...or move up her calories on her current bottles.  We are waiting to talk to the dietitian to see which is the best route to go.

Jerry had to move his 4th birthday party to this weekend because all of his cousins were sick, so Hope will finally be able to meet most of her family.  I just told everyone to make sure that all of them were feeling fine and if someone is sick we would prefer they stay at home.  I know some people may consider us a little too over-protective, but we are really afraid of her catching anything.  After the surgery itself, infections and viruses are the leading cause of death in heart babies.  We are not willing to take that chance.  We have gone through too much and Hope has gone through too much to catch a virus and end up back in the hospital.

I would like everyone to pray tomorrow for baby Travis.  He is having his Norwood tomorrow and I know his mom and dad are really nervous.  Thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers.  Hope is doing better than anyone expected and I know it is because of the thoughts and prayers.


  1. Hope looks great! I am so happy to hear her appointment went well. Hopefully everyone can make it to the party and meet her. You are not being to over protective given Hope's health. Better safe than sorry because ultimately you are the one who has to really deal with the consequences if God forbid something were to happen to her. I hope Jerry enjoys his party!

  2. Great news..Hope looks wonderful! Thanks so much for nominating our blog for the Heartfelt Blogger Award :) I am new to blogging, and still need to figure out how to post names as links, so I will try to make a post this weekend.

    ~Stephanie and Braeden(HLHS)

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Hope is doing so well! I was just thinking today about our messages back and forth to each other as we talked about our babies and the unknown after we had found out about our lo's chd's. I couldn't be any happier that they are both home, happy, and growing well. Yay for our lo's!

  4. Aww gladt to hear she is eating SO WELL! Its always a good sign when they eat...

    Also thank you so much for the heartfelt blogger award! I will be adding it to my page shortly!

  5. I'm glad that everything looked good at Hope's cardiology appointment. It is so neat to see how fast she is growing! Thanks for the heartfelt blogger award. That was very sweet of you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your precious Hope. It has helped me to be prepared for what my Grandson Travis and my son Roger & dear Nicole are going through. He's a Amazing little guy. I love him so much. Reading about Hope helps me to know I will be holding him in my arms soon. Yeah! for Hope's good Dr.Appt. I have a rule Daddy has to go with me to ALL cardiology appts ever since my son whose 25 years old Ryan (another of Dr. Lamberti's Miracle') had a bad doctor appt a few years back. Found myself walking down the hospital halls balling my eyes out. Turned out he needed another procedure that repaired a small PDA. That went fine. Today it's all about Baby Travis Thanks you for your PRAYERS AND COMFORTING WORDS, Grandma Sue