Monday, November 23, 2009

Jerry's Fourth Birthday Party - Round 2

We finally got to celebrate Jerry's fourth birthday with most of our families.  My brother came to his small party last weekend with the rest of my family, but Jerry's family was sick, so we decided to have his big party with all the relatives this past weekend.  We didn't want to risk getting Hope sick, so we decided to wait a week and let all the cousins get better...we knew Jerry would love having all of them at his party too.

A little Hope update...she got the OK to start taking more in her bottle.  She is now up to 70 mls every 3 hours.  She is almost 8 pounds (3.68 kilos).  Today she was 3.43 which is 7 lb and 8.98 oz...really close.  She is also spending more time awake which is great.  She likes to hang out and check everything out.  She also loves to be carried around the house in the evening...around 7pm she is really awake and really wanting to be walked through the house.  I know it drives Jerry crazy because he gets to see her every day during her cranky time, but it just makes me realize how 'normal' she really is!

Hope got her Synagis shot today.  Synagis provides antibodies to babies to keep them safe from RSV...which would cause Hope really bad problems if she were to get it.  I feel so much better now that she has her shot.  This is the first shot/vaccine she has received and it is going to be a heck of a week for her.  On Friday she gets her 1 month vaccinations...she wasn't allowed to get them until 6 weeks after her surgery.  I know there are a lot of people that have different opinions on vaccinating, but I am all for it.  I want Hope to be vaccinated against everything. 

That's about it for now.  Please keep the prayers coming for our family and all of our friends.  Prayers everyone that meets Hope knows and everyone could use a good prayer. 


  1. I am so glad that you found my blog and I found yours!! Your beautiful Hope is so gorgeous!! and what a gosh. And what you said about prayer? is so true! It REALLY does work. And I will definitely be praying for you all and Hope. What an amazing little girl. =)

  2. Oh my goodness she is getting so big! I smile every time I see an update from you because I'm so thrilled that she is doing so well! I'm with you on the vaccines, whatever they can give Doug, give it to him! It's better than being admitted to the hospital for RSV. My thoughts and prayers are still with you guys!

    Cathy Roth
    Fellow BBC mom

  3. First off the cake in the pic looks GREAT...YUM! I am also with you on the vaccines! They are the reason alot of diseases are not around today! Your doing a great job (kids, work, etc) its alot to juggle, so I am thankful you & ur husband are taking such wonderful care of EVERYTHING! ;)